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27 Февраля 2015

Заключен договор на выполнение строительно-монтажных работ на объектах «Строительство ТЭЦ «Академическая»

27 Февраля 2015

Запущена в эксплуатацию ТЭЦ ОАО «СинТЗ».

В тестовом режиме работает ТИМ ОАО «Ураласбест».

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1998 is the year of company establishment. Within the period 1998-2010 job expansion is from 10 to 500 employees.

Here and now company’s services comprise construction and modernization works of industrial projects of any types. Due to the professionals’ team who were the pioneers of Energoavtomatika Ltd, thus far company’s structure integrates several enterprises such asEnergoavtomatika Research and Production Association LtdIndustrial Engineering Centre Ltd. The company is able to provide a complete package of services starting from specification development to ready-to-operate project completion of any complexity type, including inspection by all regulatory authorities.

Energoavtomatika Ltd. production facilities are the following: metal framework production shop, low-voltage package modules production shop, and substandard equipment and machinery parts production shop. All necessary mechanical and special-purpose transport is available in the road transport shop.

The horizon of experience of our company specialists combine huge background regarding integrative assembly and setting up of the equipment produced by different foreign companies and installed at the industrial enterprises including particularly dangerous manufacturing.

In recent years, our company accomplished projects are as follows:

Chkalovsky Ltd. (total area -20,000 m2)

PACKAGE JOB CONTRACT: large-sized plate treatment shop construction and equipment installation composed of:

  • EBNER horizontal quenching unit.
  • SMS-Meer stretcher.
  • 3 Seco-Warwick annealing and aging furnaces.
  • MFL plate cutting line.
  • 5 SHTAL electric overhead traveling cranes and three semigantry cranes, other equipment as well.

SUAL JSC., UAZ affiliate

  • Introduction of trial area equipped with electrolysis units, 300 kА capability.
  • Introduction of trial area aimed for high-temperature leaching.

 Metallurgical Works JSC

  • Quarto 2840 aluminium hot rolling mill electrical machinery modernization.
  • Quarto 2840 aluminium main electric hot rolling mill drive substitution.
  • Casting melting units overhaul repair.
  • Induction crucible furnace, IAT type, overhaul repair.
  • Overhead traveling cranes overhaul repair.


PACKAGE JOB CONTRACT: titanium forging area construction in shop No 4/6 at OAO KUMZ, as follows: LOCHER four gas furnaces and cleanout block.

Sinarsky Pipe Works JSC.

PACKAGE JOB CONTRACT: pipe heat treatment area construction, OLIVOTTO equipment assembly and setting up in shop V-3.

  • EZTM primary mill equipment assembly in shop Т-3.
  • EBNER furnace assembly.

Seversky Pipe Works JSC

  • EZTM piercing mill equipment assembly.
  • Low-voltage package module (LVPM) production and continuous casting machine  water cleaning station commissioning.

Sukholozhskstement JSC.

5th processing line constructing

PACKAGE JOB CONTRACT: electrical part

  • Package 1-10 kV: Works electrical supply (including nine substations), total capacity: 60 MW.
  • Package 2: Works electrical supply of main production equipment, including instrumentation and automated control systems.
  • Package 3: lightning and energy supply of auxiliary equipment.
  • Commissioning.

Kamenskaya Katanka

PACKAGE JOB CONTRACT: turnkey construction project of enterprise producing copper billets, bus line and wire for electrical application.


Uralasbest JSC.

PACKAGE JOB CONTRACT: construction works of enterprise producing heat-insulation materials:

  • Equipment complete assembly (supply from Slovenia).
  • Equipment and material supply: utility system assembly work including FMS line.
  • Substandard equipment, metal framework, area construction works.
  • Low-voltage package module manufacturing.
  • Commissioning.

“Quality guarantee” became the motto of the company, Energoavtomatika Ltd, since its origin.

Our future plans include participation in programs concerning vital development of the first-rate enterprises such as TMK, Russky Aluminy, UGMK.

Our company concluded agreements with Kamensk-Uralsky Polythechnic and Kamensk-Uralsky Radio Engineering College regarding student prejob training according to major fields of study, i.e. electric and electromechanical equipment technical operation, supply and maintenance support, as well as industrial equipment assembly and operation. Our company specialists timely pass certification exams to prove professional development.

Our company is certified and licensed to perform services in nuclear construction sector.

Currently we are working diligently to become certified according to quality system ISO 9001 and by TUV Rheinland Group within the first quarter 2011.